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Tag: Relationships

Someone Else’s Shoes: The Art of Sympathy

by Laura

If you're shopping in a clothing store and see a pile of shirts on the ground under the clearance rack, what do you do? You probably ignore it, maybe even don't notice it at all.…

Why I Love Church Camp

by Laura

My first Fuge camp was in 2003. I was thirteen-going-on-drama-queen. We went to Mission Fuge in St. Louis. I'd never experienced anything like it before. It changed me. As did the next five summers of…

God Owes Me: The Lie of Singleness

by Laura

It was good to write this, but I'll be honest-- I don't want to share it. It's one of those posts. But I've learned that those are the ones I usually need to share the…

Confessions of a Christian Introvert

by Laura

Many people don't understand how introverts fit into an active Church. I'm beginning to understand that you can't have the Church without them (us). In 2013, I learned more about my personality and how I…

Open Mic Night

by Laura

The patio of a downtown coffee shop. They’ve partitioned off half of it to keep the heat in during the winter. The small, makeshift room is practically overflowing with people of all colors and kinds.…

How Not to be a Christian Jerk

by Laura

"I don't want to be your friend anymore. You're too judgmental." Those words and the events that followed them during my senior year of high school changed a lot about how I relate to people.…

When Guys Talk About Girls… of the Bible

by Laura

I don't care whether you're extremely egalitarian or complementarian or somewhere in the middle. This isn't about that. It's about how people can think, teach, and speak about certain subjects in the Bible in a…

A Stream of Consciousness Thanksgiving

by Laura

I think I'm going to take inspiration from William Faulkner and go stream of consciousness for this Thanksgiving post. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I don't know if anybody will really want to read it,…