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What Kids Help Me Remember About God

by Laura

The more I work with kids, the more I realize how much my relationship with them often mirrors my relationship with God. Now, hold up a second. I completely, 100%, indisputably realize I am not…

Best of 2014: Movies

by Laura

I delayed posting this list because I was hoping to see some of the films I missed but still wanted to view (Gone Girl, Whiplash, Exodus: Gods and Kings, etc.). Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But…

Best of 2014: Music

by Laura

While this is usually my favorite end-of-year list to put together, this year I've been struggling with it. I've enjoyed a ton of music this year, but personally, I feel like there haven't been enough…

Best of 2014: YouTube

by Laura

I probably spent way too much time watching YouTube videos this year, but in my defense, the number of channels putting out quality content on a regular basis keeps growing and doesn't show any signs…

Best of 2014: On the Blog

by Laura

Let's be honest, the second half-ish of this year, I really struggled with consistency in posting new content on this blog. However, it's still been a great outlet through which to share my thoughts and…

Fighting Invisibility

by Laura

If I could choose a superpower, it would not be invisibility. Because invisibility is not as fun as you might think it would be. Have you ever been seen through? Been looked at, but not…

15 TV Shows On Netflix You Should Be Watching

by Laura

The Internet is changing everything about how we watch TV. Instead of waiting weeks and sometimes months between episodes, now many shows have entire seasons available online through providers like Netflix. And while Netflix is…