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Category: Worship

Ten Days in Israel

by Laura

I returned home from ten days in Israel just a few weeks ago. It was perhaps the greatest adventure of my life so far. I don't think I've even scratched the surface of all that…

Of Lights and Carols

by Laura

  Words and light. We all know the power of these two ordinary but extraordinary elements of our existence. They are cornerstones of civilization. Words can hurt, hinder, help, heal. They can build you up or…

Jesus is Alive

by Laura

Last week I had the privilege of being a chaperone for a trip my youth group in Kentucky took to X-Fuge on Mission at Ridgecrest in North Carolina. I'll share more about camp later this…

Dear Immanuel: A Christmas Prayer

by Laura

I have a confession to make. And it's not about eating too many Christmas cookies-- though that's true. I'm confessing that Christmas is like just about everything else in life: we say it's about You,…


by Laura

I think we often confuse thankfulness with contentment. Thanksgiving isn't a solo action. You aren't actually giving thanks unless you're giving it to someone, unless there's a recipient of your gratitude. Otherwise, your thanks is…

Wild, Messy Mercy

by Laura

At camp, I would always use this illustration to explain to the kids the definition of grace and mercy: "Imagine someone's driving down the highway at 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, and…

The Next Cross Over

by Laura

When we come to this time of year-- thinking about the cross, the empty tomb, and the other events leading up to that fateful weekend-- the story of the thief on the cross is often…