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Category: Word

Ten Days in Israel

by Laura

I returned home from ten days in Israel just a few weeks ago. It was perhaps the greatest adventure of my life so far. I don't think I've even scratched the surface of all that…

Of Lights and Carols

by Laura

  Words and light. We all know the power of these two ordinary but extraordinary elements of our existence. They are cornerstones of civilization. Words can hurt, hinder, help, heal. They can build you up or…

For Those Who Must See (Thomas’ Prayer)

by Laura

I was inspired during an Easter message to write this poem about Jesus' resurrection from the perspective of "Doubting" Thomas the disciple. Read his story in John 20:24-31. “Follow me,” you said and I considered…

Faith Is Not Forever

by Laura

I don’t feel qualified to write about faith. I’ve never walked on water. Never faced a cave full of ravenous lions. Never led an outnumbered army into an impossible battle. But it seems like I’m…

God’s Not Trying to Trick Us

by Laura

Some of the best films are defined by their sleight of hand. Fight Club. Inception. Memento. I'm a huge fan of this kind of plot. I want to be tricked. As the narrator says in…

The Troubling Creativity of Grace

by Laura

"You know they were chaplains on slave ships, right?" Spoken word/hip-hop artist Propaganda queries this in his song Precious Puritans. "Would you quote Columbus to Cherokees? Would you quote Cortez to Aztecs, even if they theology…

Jesus is Alive

by Laura

Last week I had the privilege of being a chaperone for a trip my youth group in Kentucky took to X-Fuge on Mission at Ridgecrest in North Carolina. I'll share more about camp later this…