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Category: Church

4 Ways the Church Can Draw Millennials Back

by Laura

A few weeks ago, I wrote 5 Reasons the Church Needs Millennials and 5 Reasons Millennials Need the Church. To continue this conversation in a practical way, I want to discuss what local churches can do…

When Guys Talk About Girls… of the Bible

by Laura

I don't care whether you're extremely egalitarian or complementarian or somewhere in the middle. This isn't about that. It's about how people can think, teach, and speak about certain subjects in the Bible in a…

5 Reasons Millennials Need the Church

by Laura

Earlier this week, I posted 5 Reasons the Church Needs Millennials. Here's the flip side-- definitely a harder sell, but true nonetheless.  Note: when I refer to the capital C Church, I'm talking about the…

5 Reasons the Church Needs Millennials

by Laura

When the blogs were blowing up about this topic several weeks ago, I was busy developing this new site. It killed me to wait this long to jump in, because I think most of what's…

Summer in Hotlanta

by Laura

In exactly two weeks, I'll be headed out of my beloved Bluegrass for the summer. It's been a few years since I last spent a full summer working CentriKid Camps, and though there's no experience…