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Category: Life

Why I’m Blogging Again

by Laura

Let's try this again. It's been nearly two years since I've blogged consistently. There are quite a few reasons for that, but they basically boil down to these three things: • I started working a…

In Memory of Radar the Car

by Laura

Helpless. That's how I felt as I stood on my second floor deck and watched a brown river flowing through the parking lot of my apartment building. I was also shocked. I had never seen…

What Kids Help Me Remember About God

by Laura

The more I work with kids, the more I realize how much my relationship with them often mirrors my relationship with God. Now, hold up a second. I completely, 100%, indisputably realize I am not…

Fighting Invisibility

by Laura

If I could choose a superpower, it would not be invisibility. Because invisibility is not as fun as you might think it would be. Have you ever been seen through? Been looked at, but not…

Someone Else’s Shoes: The Art of Sympathy

by Laura

If you're shopping in a clothing store and see a pile of shirts on the ground under the clearance rack, what do you do? You probably ignore it, maybe even don't notice it at all.…

25 Thoughts About Being 25

by Laura

1. Hey, I turn 25 today. 2. That's a quarter of a century. Five years away from thirty. Oh my gosh, I'm so old! 3. Wait a second, it's not that old. Really, it's not…