As you probably deduced from the name of this site, my name is Laura (pronounced Lahr-ah, not Lor-ah).

A definition on Urban Dictionary describes me as follows:

“The most amazing person you will ever meet. After you say hi to her, magic fairy dust will sprinkle on your head and then you’ll be able to FLY! OMG! Who WOULDN’T want to fly?”

Completely accurate definitions aside, I’m a 20-something from the rolling hills of east-central Kentucky, muddling from one adventure to the next.

I guess the most important thing you need to know is that Jesus is my life. Through Jesus, God created me and sustains me from breath to breath. In Jesus I was restored to spiritual life when before I was spiritually dead. By Jesus the days I muddle through pulse with supernatural vibrancy. Because of Jesus I’ll live forever in heaven–with him.

My life. My story. My Jesus. They’re so intertwined it wouldn;t be possible to separate them.

In fact, it’s my hope that these words aren’t just for me. I used to hoard words like a fool, forgetting their true purpose: to connect people. I sincerely desire that somehow what I share about life, story, and Jesus will connect to your life, your story, our Jesus. And if you only see Jesus as mine, I hope you catch a glimpse of who he is and how awesome it would be if he were yours, too.

See, our lives and stories aren’t the same, but they have lots of connection points. It’s what sets us apart and brings us together. Jesus, on the other hand, doesn’t vary. He doesn’t actually change because of what we think our lives call for him to be. He’s all connection points. He’s the Word. He’s life. He’s the definition. He’s the name.

In 2011, I started a blog in an effort to highlight that name in one little corner of the blogosphere. It was called Known & Renowned, and served my writing whims well for  two and a half years. But it was time to move on, to find a way to show a little more of the life Jesus has given me. Though my name is in the url now, I still want to make HIS name famous. And I’m praying this is another avenue for accomplishing just that.